How Referral Marketing Drove Nearly 50% of Total New Sales Each Month

The success story of PosiGen with Ambassador
PosiGen Case Study

The Company

When solar energy provider PosiGen was founded in 2011, the company’s leaders knew that word-of-mouth would be critical to success. After all, selling residential solar systems that cost upwards of $30,000 isn’t easy. The more warm leads the business can get via referrals, the better.

The good news: Right out of the gates, PosiGen was generating a healthy number of referrals. The bad news: As the company grew, tracking and managing them manually became an operational nightmare.

The Challenge

“When I took over the referral program, it was basically a spreadsheet,” says Caitlin Fitzgerald, a Sales Operations Associate with PosiGen. “That works with a small customer base, but it’s still not optimal.”

In 2015, Fitzgerald and PosiGen’s IT team began working to automate certain aspects of the company’s referral program (including setting up referral tracking in Salesforce), but even that required several tedious manual steps.