Affiliate, Influencer, and Referral Marketing — Seamlessly Managed Under One Roof

The success story of Litter-Robot with Ambassador
Litter Robot Case Study

The Company

Founded in 1999, Litter-Robot manufactures and sells an innovative line of self-cleaning litter boxes that free cat owners from the daily hassle of pet cleanup. The company sells directly through its website, but it also relies on a diverse network of affiliates (individuals, pet stores, veterinarians, etc.) and influencers (high-profile social media accounts) to drive traffic and sales.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Ambassador, Litter-Robot relied on ShareASale and a manual coupon system to manage and track its affiliate and influencer networks. While that approach generated some results, Litter-Robot VP of Marketing David Saterstad says it was time-consuming, inefficient, and difficult to track.