The Brand Advocacy Experience

Custom Registration

Own, brand, and customize the recruitment and registration experience for the advocates you want and need, or auto-enroll them. Control who receives access, when, and to what with our simple, yet powerful, advocate marketing software.

Advocate Portal

Engage with advocates through our advocate portal, provide content for them to share, host forms for them to register offline activities, and the ability to upload user-generated content.

Custom Rewards

Create custom programs, and provide unique rewards for all the ways your advocates help promote and grow your brand. Track shares, content, sign ups, purchases, and automatically deliver rewards like points, account credits, or even gift cards and cash.

Advanced Analytics

See which advocates have the highest engagement, completing the most activities, and generating the most new customers. Give your advocates access to all their key stats, while you manage the program, run cohort analysis and optimize your program in real-time.

Multiple Campaigns

Tailor specific brand advocacy programs based on customer type, deliver unique rewards and messaging, while tracking and analyzing every segment and all activities.

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