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    How to Boost Referrals with Customer Reviews on Trustpilot Banner

    How to Boost Referrals with Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

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    If a friend or colleague refers their favorite product, service, or platform - what would be your first response? Typically, people ask “why do you like it?” or “what makes it different?” or “what was your experience with it?”

    Which is why it’s no surprise that online reviews can play a vital role in your brand’s referral marketing program. In fact, according to BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

    In today’s market where the connection between positive reviews and customer referrals is too strong to ignore, it’s crucial for brands to close the loop on the customer experience lifecycle.

    Which is why we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Trustpilot, the leading global customer review platform, to streamline positive word-of-mouth to provide marketers with a more efficient, integrated way to manage the customer experience. The new product integration allows businesses to harness the power of their most vocal and supportive reviewers by enrolling them in Ambassador-powered referral programs.

    Most importantly, this integration gives businesses an automated solution to engage their happiest customers at the time they’re most likely to promote their product or services.

    Together, Ambassador and Trustpilot offer consumer brands and B2B organizations the easiest and fastest way to identify highly-satisfied customers in real time, auto-enroll them into their referral program, and build actionable segments. Now business leaders and marketing teams can gain operational efficiencies, while delivering a personalized referral experience, at the most opportune moment. The result is amplified word-of-mouth marketing that generates powerful social proof, repeat buyers, and scalable organic marketing.

    The product integration creates a seamless experience for brand ambassadors while giving marketers the ability to deploy an integrated referral campaign to track, reward, report, and analyze performance real-time in the Ambassador platform via a single dashboard view.

    So How Does It Work?

    Let’s walk through an example with a fictional brand, Global Co. and one of their happy customers, Sarah.

    Referrals and Customer Reviews Image 1Sarah is a verified customer that has been prompted to leave a review of Global Co on Trustpilot. She absolutely loves the product and provides a glowing, positive review.

    Referrals and Customer Reviews Image 2Upon providing a 5-star review, Sarah is automatically enrolled in the Global Co. referral program - no action is required by her or the company!

    Referrals and Customer Reviews Image 3

    She receives a welcome email with her unique referral link, prompting her to start sharing Global Co. with her networks. Sarah can easily refer friends and when they make a purchase, she is rewarded for her referral via cash, discounts, account credits, gift cards or customized brand-specific rewards.

    Referrals and Customer Reviews Image 6

    In addition to enrolling happy customers in a turnkey way, the integration also provides Global Co. with access to helpful analytics. The company can use the Ambassador dashboard to easily compare and track performance of customers enrolled in the Trustpilot segment against other segments.

    Referrals and Customer Reviews Image 7

    The integration is an easy process that requires no development resources! Simply link your Ambassador and Trustpilot accounts* to begin engaging your happiest customers and growing your network of ambassadors.

    Customer Reviews + Referrals = Happily Ever After

    It’s proven that reviews and referrals increase conversions. So why not streamline the process and make it as easy as possible for your happy customers to continue promoting your brand? 

    *This new functionality is now available to Trustpilot Enterprise-level customers and all Ambassador clients. Set up your integration today by following our step-by-step instructions or learn how to get started with Trustpilot here.

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    Amity Kapadia

    Written by Amity Kapadia

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