Ambassador Debuts On The Inc. Best Places To Work List

By Jeff Epstein

I’m thrilled to announce that Ambassador has earned the distinction of Best Places to Work 2017 by Inc. Magazine, an honor which was awarded to some of the fastest growing companies in America.

This is a great honor. A workplace is only as good as its people -- this remarkable honor is a testament to the talented and hard-working Diplomats who have created and fostered the environment here.

We’ve thoughtfully focused on assembling the most passionate and enthusiastic diplomats centered around our core value of OUTCARE.

What is OUTCARE?

OUTCARE is an acronym unique to the diplomats of Ambassador, it defines the habits which are core to our DNA:

O - Own It

U - Understand Why

T - Think Long Term

C - Choose Comradery

A - Always Customer Obsessed

R - Raise The Bar

E - Execute With Urgency

My focus is to ensure that we continue to operate as an organization guided by the principles of OUTCARE while embedding them in our DNA -- both professionally and personally.

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